Llanymynech Powys

Project Type: 
Orangery / Extension


Christmas Day 2014 Ke-design’s director got an email notification. On checking the email, it was a job enquiry on Christmas day! His only thought was that someone had invited 12 members of the family around for Christmas dinner before realising they hadn’t got the space.

While this manor house has the space, there was one issue, the kitchen one end of the house, the dining room the other. The kitchen, while it has a small table for day to day eating, having sat around it for our initial meeting, it wasn’t comfortable, plus there was little natural light.

With wanting to limit the work to the existing and not disrupt the kitchen, an orangery on the side opening up to the kitchen was proposed with a large lantern to let in as much light as possible.

The project also included a safe store, and a ground floor guest bedroom / ensuite which could be utilised in the future should stairs become a challenge.