Bungalow, Chirk

Project Type: 
Rear Extension


This dormer bungalow had a single garage you couldn’t get a car in, a upvc porch of a utility room, and a kitchen and dining room that looked out onto a 3.8m wide back garden, while the sunny side garden not being utilised as there was no connection to it.

The garage was replaced with a garage that was wide enough for a car, the utility & linked the garage to the new kitchen. With the boundary on 3.8m from the rear elevation it meant the extension would be a long linear solution, with bifold doors at the end, enabling the living space to access the garden that was previously not used.

The issue of getting light to the kitchen due to not being able to have windows on the boundary wall because of overlooking was addressed with 2 large lanterns, which really light up the space.